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Are you, “Veggie-curious”?

8 Reasons to Eat Less Meat

I eat meat, and I like it. I have eaten meat my whole life (almost). While I was exercising hard and competing in bodybuilding and strongman competitions, I would eat enough meat in one day to feed a small family. But, I am nothing if I am not open minded.

There was a brief time in my childhood where I didn’t eat meat. I decided I loved animals too much, and I couldn’t bear the thought of EATING them! I remember the exact, unusual moment when I decided this, but that story is for a another time.

Once I got back on the meat bandwagon, I haven’t looked back- until now.

In the past, it has been very difficult for people to be vegetarian, and it was almost impossible to be vegan. However, times have changed. There are now incredible options for vegetarians and vegans, and there are more reasons now than ever before to be Veggie-curious or to just make a conscious effort to eat less meat.

I am a strong proponent of sustainability and the environment. However, I will admit that climate change is not my first reason for wanting to eat less meat. Here are my main reasons to eat less meat and more vegetable based foods:

  1. Animals are my number 1 reason to eat less meat. I love animals. I don’t want to kill animals. So why would I want to EAT them?!
  2. Climate change and sustainability. It is a well-accepted fact that plant-based diets are better for the environment. By the time we grow crops to feed livestock, till the fields, transport and make machinery and fuel, transport animals, and pour millions of dollars into finding water for the livestock, the levels of waste, CO2, methane, and nitrous oxides that are produced are enough to make the hungriest meat-lover at least think about trying some tofu. (But, ignorance is bliss, right?). On the other hand, techniques like ‘managed grazing’ are able to reduce or prevent many of the environmentally harmful aspects of animal farms.
  3. Its no secret that a high meat diet could be hard on the body. However, there is a lot of debate about different diets, like the keto diet (high meat and fat, low carbs), and the plant-based diet (… plant-based). Plant-based diets have been linked to cancer prevention, a reduced risk of heart disease, healthy weight loss, longer life, and more.
  4. Be it from reducing medical costs or providing more jobs in agriculture and green innovation, the economy can benefit from more people exploring plant-based diets.
  5. The future is here! (Even though we aren’t all dressing like the movie ‘Back to The Future’ might have thought we would be by now). Finally, companies are seeing the potential of the plant-based market, and they have invested millions of dollars into finding meat substitutes that look, feel, and taste exactly like meat! What a world!
  6. If there is one person in a group who doesn’t eat meat, why does it seem like they have some sort of handicap when it comes to family dinners or big meals? If we all make an effort to eat more plant-based, we can be much more inclusive.
  7. Its easy. Think about making a nice Chicken Pad Thai meal. First, you cook the chicken, which takes about 20 min (at least!), then you cook the rest of the meal. If you use tofu, you can cut that chicken time right out!
  8. A pack of tofu is much less expensive than a few chicken breasts or steaks!

Although plant-based diets seem trendy and new, they have been around for ages. Whether it be because of geographic necessity, religious views, health, or whatever you want, plant-based diets have stood the test of time and they are seeing some new life with modern technology (like the Beyond Meat revolution).

So, I am not vegetarian or vegan right now (I still love a good all-you-can eat wing night). But I AM “Veggie-curious”. Plus, my beautiful fiancée is vegetarian, and it is just easier if we explore vegetarian meals together 😊

Are you vegetarian, vegan, or “Veggie-curious”? I’d love to hear your story about why you decided to adopt that lifestyle!

P.S.- Have you tried halloumi cheese??? Don’t… You will be addicted.


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