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Eco-Insider Membership

Become an Eco-Insider! 

For the hardcore eco-warriors, the environmentally conscious rock stars, or the people who are just looking to try new things to help our planet, this membership is for everyone and is loaded with custom eco-products, exclusive discounts, one of a kind freebies & so much more!

We are scouring the world for new eco-innovations so our Eco-Insider kits can make you a trail blazer in the fight against climate change with the newest eco-trends. Our Eco-Insider members are part of the solution to the climate crisis!

As an Eco-Insider you will receive a 1-year subscription to our bi-monthly Eco-Insider kits. Wait… does that mean getting cool new environmentally friendly products every second month that helps fight climate change and supports small Canadian businesses??? YES!  Becoming an Eco-Insider is a great way to do something about climate change and look and feel great while doing it. Let's talk some more about it…

The details:

  • Starting February, 2020, Eco Insiders will be shipped ONE CUTTING EDGE ECO-INSIDER KIT every second month of 2020, featuring environmentally beneficial carbon capture pendants, ear rings, cuff-links, clothing, scarfs, head bands, eco-straws, and more!
  • Every Eco-Insider will be shipped the same product. You and your Eco-Insider friends are now part of a secret Eco-Warrior club, helping the environment, getting amazing deals, and discovering new ways to help prevent and reverse climate change. Feel important yet? I'll keep going.
  • This isn’t your average subscription box... The products you get are made in Canada, they help the environment, and you will love them! In our fight against climate change, we ALL NEED this now more than ever!
  • Think you’re just getting eco-products? Think again! For every membership sold, we will plant one maple tree in northern Ontario, and you will help us pull additional carbon out of the air with new carbon capture technology!
  • Every Eco Insider membership is a SURPRISE! Is there anything better than receiving a surprise in the mail? Yup, receiving one EVERY 2nd month, AND helping the environment! 
  • Retail value of each delivery will range from $15-$100 EACH! Meaning, you are getting HUGE savings! You’re basically saving hundreds of dollars when you become an Eco-Insider Member, PLUS you are getting some additional special deals for Eco Insiders only!
  • Our products are designed and hand crafted by IPI Creations in Ontario, and by other small environmentally minded companies across Canada.


Still looking for a reason to sign up?

As an Eco Insider, you will also receive membership perks, such as: 

  • Receive $10 off all purchases over $200
  • Receive 20% off ANY CUSTOM RING
  • Early access to new products, exclusive Eco-Insider discounts, and extra special treatment!


But wait, THERE’S MORE! Post pictures on Facebook or Instagram with IPI Creations products and logos in them, hashtag #IPIcreations, and the person who gets the most likes on a single IPI Creations post in 2020 will win $100 CASH!!! That’s right… CASH!

Due to the handmade nature of many of these items, Eco Insider Memberships are EXTREMELY limited. Hit "add to cart" ASAP to join the club!


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… this might be the most environmentally friendly subscription box in the world! Be part of the solution!

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