Eco-friendly rings, accessories, and soap + geoscience consulting services.

Environmental & Geologic Consulting

IPI Creations is proud to offer affordable and professional environmental and geologic consulting in northern Ontario. With experience in sustainability, industrial environmental management, sampling, reporting, ministry compliance, geologic production and mineral exploration, IPI Creations will get the job done right and help you achieve your goals.  

We have experience with industrial sawmills, co-generation power plants, industrial manufacturing plants, open pit and underground mines, mineral exploration projects, and more. 

IPI Creations will save you money and help our planet. We are solutions oriented professionals who find innovative solutions for your real-world problems.

Contact us today at for your personalized quote, and we will connect you with a certified Professional Geoscientist (P.Geo). 

Thank you for you interest.


Brent Rouble, B.Sc., P.Geo
Project Manager

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