Eco-friendly rings, accessories, and soap + geoscience consulting services.

About Us

IPI Creations – Innovate. Preserve. Inspire.

Brent and Gillian are Northern Ontario enthusiasts with a passion for the earth and its unique environments. Through IPI Creations, their goals are to educate and inspire others via blog posts, lifestyle choices, and by offering environmentally beneficial products. IPI aims to turn daily lifestyle products into environmentally beneficial ones by using sustainable or carbon negative materials, while keeping things as local as possible.

IPI Creations was founded by Brent Rouble, a passionate Canadian Professional Geoscientist. Through years of work experience in the geoscience industry and a constant interest in sustainability and innovation, his entrepreneurial mind-set has taken him far. He has co-founded several small start-ups, and is now trying to change the way people think about everyday accessories through IPI Creations.

Our Rings

Our Rings are assembled by hand, in Canada, by a Professional Geoscientist. Some of the rings, such as our prospector rings, are made with minerals that have been found by Brent and Gillian while prospecting in Northern Ontario. Using locally found inlay material makes these rings more environmentally friendly by avoiding the harmful mining and milling process.

Brent and Gillian try to be environmentally friendly in every aspect of their lives, which led to the inception of IPI Creations. They have developed the world’s first environmentally beneficial collection of rings, in a wide band and narrow band. These rings are made with nanoparticles that have been created by pulling carbon dioxide out of the air.

As a wedding ring for men or women, or as an everyday ring for anyone, our rings can represent your commitment to your partner, your commitment to the planet, or just for your commitment to a modern eco-friendly lifestyle. Each ring, whether environmentally friendly or environmentally beneficial, is made with new and traditional materials that have been sourced as locally as possible, including captured carbon, wood, minerals, and carbon fiber.

Take a look around and stay awhile. Every purchase, like, share, and comment helps us help our environment!

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