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Worry Free Ring Sizing

Find your perfect ring size with the IPI Creations WORRY FREE, GUARANTEED FIT!

There are a few ways to figure out your ring size:

1: The “I got this" method - You can size you finger with our guide or with a local jeweler, order your ring in your size from IPI Creations, then try it on!. If by some chance you discover that the ring is not your size, send it back to us to exchange it for a different size of the same kind of ring!

2. The “Ring Sizer" method - quite possibly the best method. Buy the official IPI Creations Ring Sizer (coming soon) to find the exact size you need for one of our rings! The amazing part about this ring sizer, is that once you place an order for it, you will receive a gift card for $15 off your next ring purchase with it. You can actually save money by using this ring sizer. 
The ring sizer measures in half sizes up to size 17. To get your size, form a circle by wrapping the end through the hole. Place the sizer on the finger you wish to measure and tighten it by pulling on the end until you find a comfortable size that fits you. Be sure the sizer can be slid on and off your finger comfortably!

BOTH options take the worry out of online ring shopping!

Check out our easy DIY ring sizing guides below or purchase your ring sizer and free coupon here: (coming soon)